Guides for exploring children's and YA literature

Screenshot of the Book and Beyond guide
The Book and Beyond and Open the Book guides are tools to help teachers and librarians discuss children’s and YA literature — picture books, graphic novels, non-fiction, junior or YA fiction. Use them to facilitate discussions with students or colleagues.

Read and talk to inspire wonder, curiosity, and love of reading

Children’s and young adult literature, in all of its formats and genres, has the power to excite and motivate students to become lifelong readers. Such readers combine the will to read with the skill of reading.

Teachers, librarians, parents, and other ‘enabling adults’ play a critical role in helping children and young adults become passionate, thoughtful, and reflective readers. One of the ways they can do this is to chat with them about books they are reading, have read, and would like to read.

Our Book and Beyond and Open-the-Book tools provide starting points for these conversations and in the process:

  • deepen and enrich reading experiences
  • captivate and develop student imagination, spark curiosity, and inquiry
  • increase student understanding of the world and the human experience
  • create a personal connection with a book — the story and the physical object
  • engage students with reading and writing.

Use the guides to spark further reading and enjoyment in book clubs, literature circles, and reading groups. Use them in and out of the classroom, in the library, and across curriculum contexts.

The aim is not to ‘kill’ the book by 'analysing the life out of it', but to enthuse and engage your students with reading, ensuring they have not just the skill to read, but the will to read.

Reading should not be presented to children as a chore or duty. It should be offered to them as a precious gift.
— Kate DiCamillo