Learning maps, guides, and inquiry questions

Years 1 to 10 and early childhood education (ECE) teachers — find guides, inquiry questions, and other resources to support teaching Tuia Mātauranga topics: voyaging, first encounters, New Zealand history, and legacy of learning.

Resources for teaching years 1 to 10

Five types of resources are available on Te Kete Ipurangi (TKI) to support teaching about each of the Tuia Mātaruanga topics:

  • learning map — showing the alignment with Te Whāriki and The New Zealand Curriculum
  • conceptual understandings — showing key ideas underpinning the themes of the Tuia Mātauranga education programme
  • teaching and learning guide
  • inquiry questions
  • video.

Find these resources on TKI

Colour artwork showing mountains, forests and clouds on a blue sky.

Resources for early childhood education

The following resources are available on Te Whāriki Online:

  • teaching and learning guides for each Tuia Mātauranga topic
  • examples of designing local curriculum using Tuia Mātauranga.

Find these resources on Te Whāriki Online