To help library users find and access resources, your catalogue needs up-to-date information that makes sense to them. Find out about good cataloguing services and practices, and how to get the most out of your library system.

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Cataloguing your library collection Students and teachers can find resources more easily if you use a standardised source of catalogue records. Get help and advice about adding, understanding and amending the catalogue records in your school library collection.
Record Manager

Understanding catalogue records Find out about the information in catalogue records. Examples from Record Manager will help you understand the technical terms and abbreviations.
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Choosing an Integrated Library System (ILS) ​Our guide provides a downloadable checklist, advice, and questions for vendors, to help you work through the process of choosing an Integrated Library System (ILS).
Using OPAC in the library

Using the full functionality of your Integrated Library System (ILS) ​Find out how to get the most out of your Integrated Library System (ILS). See how your ILS supports teaching and learning in your school, as well as managing the circulation of your resources.​