Use the curiosity cards to spark student inquiry about New Zealand's rich bicultural heritage. Each card has:

  • an image of a New Zealand historic item, place, event, or person
  • fertile questions to inspire inquiry about the image and its wider story
  • a link to more related online resources to explore on the DigitalNZ website.

Introductory booklet about the curiosity cards (pdf, 2.0MB)

Watch videos about using the cards

About the project that created the cards

Use the cards

Explore this list and select a card to view online and access its related resources. When you're in the card's web page, click 'Ctrl P' (Mac 'Command P') to print the card. Alternatively, view a print version of all the curiosity cards (pdf, 7.1MB).

The curiosity cards have a Crown copyright and are licensed CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. The image on each card has its own copyright and license. Refer to the original source stated on the cards or in the online captions if you want to reuse an image.