Develop your ideal school library environment and services

Develop your ideal school library environment and services

Ask our team of experienced capability facilitators to help you create your ideal library space and services. Our school library development support is free for schools and available nationwide.

Our aim

Our aim is to help schools develop effective library services and library learning environments, drawing on our knowledge of best practice and trends in school libraries.

How can we help you?

We'll support you to create a shared vision and strategy for your school library. And we'll help you plan and put in place programmes and services that will help you achieve that vision.

The development of your library environment and services are closely related. Building projects offer an opportunity to look at the services your library offers. And changes to your library services might, in turn, lead to changes in your library space.

Developing library environments

For new library builds, remodelling, refurbishment, or school mergers, we can provide:

  • support for your project team — from planning to completion
  • expert advice about the design, layout, and use of your library space
  • information about furniture and fittings, and appropriate technology (library systems and educational tools).

Developing library services

Our capability facilitators will work with you to develop your library services and build the leadership and expertise needed to manage them.

Your library's services support teaching and learning by providing 3 key elements:

  • collections
  • connections, and
  • access.

We can help you develop each of these elements so that your library services best meet the needs of your school community.


We can help you provide print and digital resources that:

  • support teaching and learning across the school curriculum
  • help your school create a community of readers.


We can show you how to collaborate and build connections:

  • between home and school — with families, whānau, and the school community
  • with the wider community, including public libraries and museums, early childhood centres, and other schools.


We can help make it easy for your school community to make use of the library and all it offers. We can advise you on how to:

  • improve physical and virtual access to collections and support
  • encourage curiosity and exploration.

How we'll work with you

We'll talk with you to establish what’s needed and how we’ll work together. Our support might include:

  • school-specific development, with facilitator involvement and follow-up
  • professional learning opportunities — individual support, online learning, learning events and network meetings
  • tools, guides, and resources.

Contact our capability facilitators to find out more: