Strong leadership from the principal and library team is critical to the success of your library as a learning centre within the school. To be effective your library's vision and practice must align with the school's learning goals.

The principal is key to the success of the library

School principals: creating libraries as centres of learning Find information about how school principals play an essential part in establishing a culture that recognises the role of the school library in supporting teaching and learning.​
Library guiding documents

Library guiding documents Find advice to help you create a set of library guiding documents. Your guiding documents help ensure that the library supports the school's educational goals, curriculum programmes, and student interests and needs.​
School library entrance

School community profile Here is a template and advice you can use to create a school community profile. Use your school community profile to inform the development of your library services and collection management.​
Desk supplies

Preparing for an Education Review Office (ERO) visit Use this guide to gather the evidence and reports for a visit from the Education Review Office (ERO) so they can understand how your school library supports teaching and learning.
Be an advocate for your library

Advocating for your school library Learn how your library team and key stakeholders can advocate for your library’s role in teaching and learning.