Our vision

3 overlapping icons representing reading engagement, school libraries, and digital literacy.

The vision of the National Library's Services to Schools​​ is that young people have access to effective and connected libraries and learning environments that support their development as readers and digitally literate learners.

How we achieve this

To achieve this vision, the National Library will lead the system-wide improvement of library services for young people, working in the priority areas of school library development, reading engagement and digital literacy.

School libraries

Modern library learning environments are high-functioning library services and environments that impact positively on student outcomes.

Services to Schools focus is on how we can support schools individually and collaboratively to:

  • create effective and exciting library spaces and services
  • build the capability of those who lead and work within them, and
  • develop cross-sector collaboration to achieve national impact.

Reading engagement

Reading engagement is about reading for pleasure, both the immediate magic and joy of the reading experience and the long-term learning and life benefits that this can bring.

Services to Schools focus is on:

  • developing a shared understanding of the concept
  • providing resources, and
  • supporting the practice of educators and librarians.

Digital literacy

Digital literacy is about finding, using and creating digital content in meaningful ways.

Services to Schools focus is on how we can leverage our digital assets, networks and expertise to:

  • develop a shared understanding of the concept
  • provide quality digital resources, and
  • support the practice of students, educators and librarians.

Developing our services

We've published a draft integrated services model, which we're using as a blueprint to develop, test and refine our services. We'll continue to develop our thinking and approach in response to evolving concepts of school libraries, reading and digital literacy.

Services to Schools draft integrated services model (pdf, 1.17MB)

Email us if you have any feedback.

Email: servicestoschools@dia.govt.nz