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Our services for publishers and authors

Want to publish something? Both before and after it comes out, we have services to help you out, whether you're an individual or an organisation.

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Books on a shelf

International Standard Numbers are worldwide identifiers for many kinds of publications.

Apply for an International Standard Number

More about ISNs and how to apply

CiP records

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New Zealand publishers can add pre-publication records to Publications New Zealand, letting libraries and booksellers know what’s coming up.

Apply for a CiP record

More about Cataloguing in Publication


Under legislation, all publishers in New Zealand are required to deposit their publications with the National Librarian.

What is legal deposit?

What do I need to deposit?

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Public Lending Right for New Zealand Authors

The PLR scheme recognises New Zealand authors for the use of their books in New Zealand libraries.

Find out how to register yourself and your works with the Public Lending Right scheme

Resources for publishers and authors

Help for publishers and authors from around the web.

Professional organisations, funding, and information about copyright

Web harvesting

Information about the New Zealand Web Archive and all of .nz domain harvests.

Web harvesting