The School Library Development Framework is a resource for anyone involved with the development of your school library. It can help guide reflections and decisions about how your library is incorporated into teaching and learning in your school.

School Library Development Framework (pdf, 715KB)

Effective school libraries

In an effective school library, student learning and well-being are supported by library services that combine elements of:

  • place
  • collections
  • connections, and
  • access.

You also need:

  • effective leadership to ensure your library services align with the school’s vision and goals for student learning and well-being, and
  • expertise to design and deliver those services for your school community.
Desk with books on library trends and research
Introduction to the framework The school library is a central hub supporting student learning and well-being, and connecting students and staff members, parents and whānau. Find out what an effective library looks like and why it matters.
Services to School staff member looking at the School Library Development Framework document with a teacher seated at a table
Using the framework Find out about the factors that contribute to any successful school library development project, and how combining these with the framework can help you create the library your school community needs.
School librarians seated in a meeting with facilitator
Leadership and expertise Effective school library leadership and expertise creates an environment where the library is a vital part of the school community, with the resources needed to make a valuable contribution to student learning and well-being.
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Services Effective school libraries offer a range of services to support student learning and literacy, encourage reading for pleasure and well-being, and help create digitally literate students.