Record Manager: Cataloguing service for schools

Record manager.

National Library's Record Manager is a free, standards-based, online cataloguing tool for New Zealand schools. Read how your school library can access and use this tool.

About Record Manager

Record Manager is a special version of the cataloguing tool used by New Zealand libraries. Provision of this tool is part of National Library's commitment to leading the system-wide improvement of library services for young people in New Zealand.

You can use Record Manager to find catalogue records in WorldCat (which includes records from libraries around the world) and import them into your own library system. This ensures you have reliable information when looking for the best resources for learning and teaching and to support the reading interests of students and staff.

How to access and use Record Manager

Your school has to be registered before you can use Record Manager.

Catalogue records can then either be:

  • downloaded and imported from Record Manager, or
  • added directly into your Integrated Library System (ILS) using Z39.50 protocols (sometimes known as 'quick' or 'rapid access') — your ILS vendor will let you know if this method of access is available.

Register first

Complete the online registration form and we will send you a copy of the registration agreement. Once this is signed, we will send you instructions for your method of access.

Register for Record Manager

Access Record Manager

Access Record Manager

Download our step-by-step instructions (pdf, 763KB) for help using Record Manager.

Help adding records to your ILS

Contact your ILS vendor if you need help setting up and using Z39.50 or importing records into your ILS.

School library suppliers list has contact details for ILS vendors.

Changing your contact details or method of access

Let us know if your school has a change of library staff or if you want to change the way you access Record Manager so we can update our records.

Email giving:

  • your school name
  • staff's name and contact email address
  • the name of your current integrated library system
  • the method of access you require — importing via Record Manager or using your ILS with Z39.50 ('quick' or 'rapid access').

Need more help?

Phone a Capability Facilitator on 0800 LIB LINE (0800 542 5463).