Schools and school libraries that encourage children and teens to read over the summer holidays help prevent the summer slide in learning.

Encourage summer reading in your school by creating a school-wide reading culture where all staff:

  • are reading role models
  • ensure access to reading material
  • strengthen partnerships with families and public libraries.
3 school staff holding a summer reading planning meeting in a library

Plan a summer reading initiative Use this guide and its resources to plan a summer reading initiative in your school that encourages and supports students to read over the summer holidays.
Mahurangi College principal

Principals — lead summer reading Schools and school principals have an important role in keeping students reading over the summer holidays to help prevent the 'summer slide' in reading achievement.
A teacher browses books in the library

Teachers — prepare your students for summer reading Learn some ways to help students keep reading over the summer holidays and prevent the 'summer slide'.
Coloured flags under a sign with the words'family book bags'

School libraries — encourage summer reading Learn how the school library can be a catalyst and important support for putting books in students' hands during the summer break and school holidays.
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Measuring the impact of summer reading Gathering evidence before, during and after a summer reading initiative helps you understand what made a difference. You can also use it to review, prioritise and inform future initiatives.
Student reading in an empty spa pool

Examples of summer reading initiatives Read examples of summer reading initiatives to inspire you and help you decide what to trial in your own school community.