When students are engaged readers, literacy and learning outcomes, and social and emotional well-being both improve. Creating engaged readers requires a partnership approach from schools, school libraries, families and whānau, and public libraries.

Find out what reading engagement is and why it matters. Explore ideas, strategies and research about engaging students with reading by creating a community-wide culture that supports reading for pleasure.

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Why reading engagement matters Find out why reading engagement matters to student learning outcomes and well-being.
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Reading for pleasure — a door to success Aside from the sheer joy of exercising the imagination, research shows reading for pleasure improves literacy, social skills, health and learning outcomes.
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Reading for wellbeing (hauora) Reading for pleasure can improve wellbeing, health, and connections with others.
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Reading promotion Reading promotion gives you the chance to raise the profile reading in your school. It also allows you to share your passion for high-interest titles, favourite authors, and the joy of living a bookish life.
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A school-wide reading culture Ideas for creating and supporting a reading culture in your school community. Creating a reading culture in a school is essential if you want to encourage students to become engaged and motivated readers.​​
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Organisations, event and awards celebrating reading Learn about organisations, events and awards dedicated to creating and celebrating readers and children’s literature in New Zealand and overseas.
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My reading superhero ​My reading superhero is a series of animated short episodes celebrating the teachers, librarians and family members who read to and inspire us to read. Watch them and find out how to be an effective reading role model.​