Developing criteria and procedures to find, choose and buy items, accept donations or handle complaints makes your school library collection easier to manage.

Finding new collection resources

Selecting and purchasing resources ​This outline of the selection process offers advice for finding, selecting and purchasing materials for your school library.​
eBooks in the library

eBooks in the school library eBooks bring opportunities and issues for your school library and community. Find guidance about adding eBooks to your collection, licensing and rights management, e-reading trends and devices, and buying and promoting eBooks.
Topic Explorer is a great resource for learners

Reference resources This guide aims to help school library teams assess their reference collection by exploring its purpose and content, and how you can make it accessible to all your library users.
Assess your collection

Complaints about library items ​Use our downloadable template and the advice in this guide to help you work through the process of managing objections or challenges to a library resource you've selected for your collection.
Colourful spine labels on books

Receiving donations ​Find advice to help you handle donations and gifts offered to the library, including managing donor's expectations, and what to do with unwanted items.
Magazines are popular is school libraries

Magazines for NZ school libraries Magazines are popular in school libraries. Use our lists — one for primary and intermediate, and one for secondary — to find titles that could suit your library's collection.