School community profile

School library entrance.

A school community profile helps you identify the characteristics of your students, teachers and local community. The profile information helps you develop your library services and influences the resources you select for your school library collection.

Gathering information about your community

Your school’s community profile is unique to your school. Begin by making notes about your school. Then consider whether or not your library's collection:

  • reflects current curriculum topics and supports guided inquiry learning
  • is well matched to the reading and learning needs of all your students
  • includes the different cultures and languages spoken within your school community
  • provides resources that can be accessed 24/7.

Use our template to help you gather information.

School community profile template (docx, 98KB)

Using your school community profile

A good understanding of your school community supports the policies and procedures in your library guiding documents and can help you develop a strong vision and mission for your library.

Library guiding documents

You can also use the information to:

  • support your content curation, selection and weeding decisions
  • develop your collection requirements plan
  • guide your library budgeting.

Reviewing your profile

School communities change over time, so, as part of your collection management cycle, revisit your school community profile from time to time.

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