Partnering with iwi for student learning

Watch a series of 5 short videos that show an exemplar of iwi, community, and schools collaborating to provide rich learning opportunities.

A shared and sustainable future

The Tuia Mātauranga education programme aims to inspire children and young people to explore how our shared heritage can lead to a shared and sustainable future for Aotearoa.

By developing a deeper understanding of the histories of the local environment from iwi and their community, children and young people will value their role as kaitiaki of stories and the place in which they live now and into the future.

About the exemplar videos

The exemplar focuses on one iwi (Ngāti Toa) and its community engaging with parents, whānau, and the school to support inquiry into aspects of a local issue. The inquiry uses the group's strengths, expertise, and knowledge from a shared perspective.

The vision of Ngāti Toa is to ensure the educational achievement of Ngāti Toa whānau by providing access to information and resources that enable a sustainable future for generations to come. Ngāti Toa Puna Mātauranga has already established relationships with some schools where students of Ngāti Toa descent attend.

This exercise was a new way of working together for both Tawa Intermediate School and the iwi. They wanted to strengthen their relationship for the benefit of all of the students, in particular Ngāti Toa students.

Collaborating and learning — steps followed

Phase 1

  • Iwi and the school met to establish whether there was benefit in working together.
  • Iwi led the staff and students through an exploration of the local environment, sharing historical stories of people and the environment.
  • From this experience, students chose a line of inquiry into a local environmental issue.
  • Iwi and the school planned teaching and learning sessions around these inquiries, using expertise within iwi, the school, and the local environment.
  • Students presented their findings to parents, whānau, and the community at the marae.

Phase 2

  • Iwi and the school planned teaching and learning sessions focused on sustainability and financial literacy.
  • Students created an environmentally sustainable cost-effective product.
  • Students sold their product at the local iwi market.

Watch the videos on Vimeo

These videos capture moments during the inquiry, reflections, and learnings about the process from children, iwi, teachers, whānau, and the community.


What opportunities can you create to develop, or strengthen, a relationship with iwi, schools and community to foster a greater sense of place for the children and young people in your community?