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Here's a guide for using our online lending form to request books for your school. If your school has 2 loan coordinators, it's important to work together so each coordinator knows what's happening with your requests.

Make sure you're registered, then sign in

Sign in to request books

Help with registering, new coordinator, signing in

Use information gathered from your teachers and librarians

Work with teachers to plan your requests for books — explains more, with tips for getting the most from your requests.

Add topics selection requests

From the dashboard, click the blue Select button.

Tell us about the sorts of books you'd like us to select for your topics. The online form has instructions and examples to help you complete the fields. In the Curriculum topic field, write a brief description and any specific aspects of the topic you want resources for.

Our librarians will use the information you provide to select books that match what your school needs. They'll do their best to cater equally for each aspect of the topic that you've listed in your curriculum topic description.

When you've completed all fields, click the blue Add to trolley button.

More about topics selection requests

Ask for extra reading books

From the dashboard, click the blue Choose amount button. You’ll see the extra reading options for adding reading engagement books. Choose the option you’d like (25, 50, 75, or 100 books) then click the blue Add to trolley button.

More about extra reading requests

Choose books yourself — specific title requests

You can have up to 5 specific title requests in your trolley at one time. You need to submit your trolley before you can add more.

We'll do our best to fulfil your requests, but there may be times when this isn't possible, for example, if there's a high demand for certain titles.

More about specific title requests

How to request a specific title

The best way to start a specific title request is to search the National Library Catalogue first. This way, you can find the information you'll need to request a book (its ISBN or standardised title). You can also see other information about the book at the same time, such as its availability.

Steps to follow

  1. Search the National Library Catalogue:
  2. Choose a book from the search results. Click the title link to view the full catalogue record, then note the ISBN or standardised title of the book. You can use either of these details to request the book through our lending form.
  3. Sign in to the online lending form — and click the blue Choose titles button to start adding books one at a time.
  4. Find the book:
    • Enter the book's ISBN or standardised title (from step 2) in the search field. You don't need to preselect any filters.
    • Press Search.
  5. Choose the title. Click Add to trolley, then confirm when prompted:
    • Not required after — let us know if you need the book by a certain date. If we're unable to deliver it by this date, we'll email to let you know the book is not available.
    • Allow items from Wellington lending collections (secondary and composite schools only).
  6. Click Add to trolley.

Check what's in your trolley then submit your request(s)

To see all the requests waiting in your trolley, click the white View/edit button below 'Your trolley' on the dashboard page.

You can remove any requests or make changes to topic selection and extra reading requests if you need to.

Make sure you've submitted all the requests in your trolley before the end of the loan request period. Two weeks before a loan request period ends, a pop-up message will remind you if you have unsubmitted requests in your trolley. The system clears unsubmitted requests from your trolley at the end of the request period.

Send your requests to us

If you're happy with all the requests in your trolley, click the blue Checkout button below your trolley.

  • Tell us when you want your books delivered so they don't arrive when the school is closed.
  • Confirm your understanding about changing requests and the availability of books.
  • Click the final submit button to send your requests to us!

What if I make a mistake?

If you realise you've made a mistake in a loan request after you've submitted it, get in touch with us.

Check the progress of your requests

From the lending dashboard, you can check the status of requests you've made. Click See all requests to open your request archive.

Your requests for this term are listed on the dashboard. Click View full details to see more information about each one:

  • Received — we've received your requests and will be processing them soon.
  • Processing — we're selecting your books.
  • Completed — we've selected all the books for your loan. Books could be still at our centre, waiting to be sent, with the courier, or you may have already received them!
  • Cancelled — we received your request(s) but have cancelled them because you've asked us to do this.

When to expect your books

We process requests in the order that we receive them.

As a general rule, requesting earlier in the term reduces the wait time for books. We aim to send books (well) within 20 working days from when we receive your requests.

Loans can take 1–3 working days to be delivered once they leave our centres.

More about when to expect your books

Any questions or need help?