Explore a range of strategies you can use in the school library, classroom or across the curriculum to encourage and support students to read for pleasure.

Teachers create readers

Teachers creating readers Find out about strategies and effective teaching practice for creating readers. The ideas here will help you develop a classroom culture where reading for pleasure is encouraged and supported.​
A teacher reading aloud to his class
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Reading aloud ​Find information, tips and strategies for reading aloud to help engage students of all ages with reading for pleasure.​
Boy enjoying reading in a beanbag

Helping students choose books for reading pleasure Librarians and teachers have an important role in helping students learn how to find a ‘just right’ book.
Student chooses a book

Student reading interests Knowing your students' reading interests will help you connect them with reading material they'll enjoy. It also ensures your school library collection can be developed to suit students' needs, abilities, and interests.
Book quizzes are a great way of engaging boys

Reluctant readers Explore strategies you can use to support and motivate reluctant readers, so that they become readers who want to read for the sheer joy of it. This guide also includes insights specific to boys and reading.
Students love reading all types of books

Tween readers — keeping them motivated Discover ways to keep children reading during the tween years, from around ages 9 to 12. Knowing their interests and providing a range of reading material will help keep their enjoyment of reading alive.
A teen reading

Engaging teens with reading Find inspiration, and strategies to encourage teenagers to read for pleasure. Learn why it's important that teens read, and what may motivate them to choose reading from a range of activities competing for their time.
At book club students can talk about whatever book they are reading

Book clubs Explore options for setting up and running a book club, to engage students and contribute to the reading culture at your school. Find ideas for discussions and activities your book club will enjoy.