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Our services for researchers

The Alexander Turnbull Library provides world-class research services. Turnbull Library staff are experts in all kinds of topic areas, and research in general.

Explore our services for researchers

Use the collections

researchers use the collections

We've got it all

Very nearly, anyway. Books, newspapers, photos, databases, cd-roms, vinyl, journals...

Use the collections

A helping hand

Staff member helping with research

We love research

Our subject experts and research specialists are constantly building on their knowledge of the Library's collections.

If you have any questions - how you can use our material, or where else to look, they can help.

Come in and talk to us

Ask a Librarian

Librarians working with researchers.

Can we help?

Can't make it into the library? Need to dig deeper? Ask a Librarian! Our experienced librarians can help you get where you want to go.

Need to talk to us right now? Phone us on 0800 474 300.

Register and request

Collection items need to be ordered to be delivered to the Reading Rooms.

Register to use the collections, and then order your research materials.

Sign up and make an order

Get into it now

Start with our online research guides. Family history, whakapapa, children's literature and so much more.

Use our research guides

Making copies

You can make research copies of just about anything in the collections, using your own camera. Some items are too fragile, so staff will help you with those, and we have to make sure copyright is respected.

Making copies

Make the most of your visit

What do I need to know before I come in to the Library?

Be prepared!

Borrowing for an exhibition

You can borrow items to use in public exhibitions.

Borrowing for an exhibition