Get ideas and information to help organise and manage your school library team, including job descriptions, performance appraisals, professional qualifications and overseeing student librarians.

Student librarians are part of the library team

Your school library team ​Explore the different roles of people who make up your library staff, and see how the roles work together to form an effective team.
Job descriptions

Job descriptions Here you'll find job descriptions for school library staff, to help you clarify their roles and responsibilities and clearly state expectations for supporting learners.​
Teachers planning their inquiry

Performance appraisals This guide to appraising the performance of school library staff includes a template to help both library staff members and the appraiser.
Professional learning with a Services to Schools facilitator

Professional library qualifications and support Get an overview of professional development options for school librarians, from qualifications through to learning networks and professional reading.
Student librarian issuing a book

Student librarians Find ideas and guidance to help you select, train and manage your team of student librarians.