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14 May 2021: Lending news update

We're making changes to how our lending service operates and will be introducing a new online lending form to make it a lot easier for kura and schools to borrow books from us. We'll be launching the changes to the lending service and form later in 2021.

Flexible, timely, and easy

The changes to our lending service will make it more flexible and responsive to the needs of kura and schools.

We're adding flexibility to when you can request pukapuka/books in whole-school loans so that tamariki have what they need for learning.

We are also redesigning our online lending dashboard and form to make the borrowing process as easy as possible.

What's changing — main points

Order pukapuka/books each term when it suits you

The whole-school loan process is changing so you can send us selection (topic) requests as soon as they're ready.

You'll be able to do this multiple times each term within your school's borrowing allocation.

What kura and schools can borrow

You'll also be able to request one high-interest fiction and non-fiction reading top-up whenever it suits you during the term.

But if you prefer to submit all your selection requests and your reading top-up all at once, you'll still be able to do this.

A new online form — easy to use and dynamic

We've designed a new lending form that operates like an online shopping experience.

You'll create each loan by adding requests to a trolley. When you’re happy with those requests, you’ll be able to check out (submit) your trolley-load of requests straight away if you want to.

Track your loan allocation and requests

Our new lending form will be dynamic.

  • Right up front, you'll be able to see what you've requested and what you can still borrow based on your allocation.
  • It'll also tell you where your requests are in our loan process so you can track their progress.

Help for returning your pukapuka/books

We deliver our pukapuka/books to you free of charge. The new lending form will have a guide to help you work out how many boxes you'll need to send back. There'll also be a link to information about returning pukapuka/books and the cost involved.

Information for kura and schools about returning books

What else will be different

  • You can state the number of pukapuka/books you'd like to receive for each selection so that your school does not receive more books than you prefer.
  • There'll be a new substitution feature where you can choose what you'd like us to do if we can't supply what you've asked for.
  • For secondary and composite kura and schools, you'll be able to tell us if you want us to look at our National Library Wellington collections (which have different lending conditions) when we make selections for you.

Specific titles — easier to request versions

You'll still be able to request specific pukapuka/books from our lending collections as you need them but, with the new form, it'll be easier to find and request titles in another language or in an accessible format (dyslexic font, large print).

We're looking forward to welcoming you to our changed service

We're looking forward to launching our new loans process and lending form.

We hope it'll make it easier for you to borrow pukapuka/books from us to support reading and learning.

More information about the changes will be available later in 2021.

If you haven't used our lending service before, do contact us if you have any questions.

Any questions or need more information?

Freephone: 0800 LIB LINE 0800 542 5463 (NZ only)


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