My reading superhero is a series of animated short episodes celebrating the teachers, librarians and family members who read to and inspire us to read. Watch them and find out how to be an effective reading role model.


Di-Kun — Mrs Dawson, reading superhero

'an earth-shattering enthusiasm for books...'


Eban — my Mum, reading superhero

'an earth-shattering enthusiasm for books...''One moment she'll be an ivy green dragon, the next and evil scientist conjuring a potion in a glass vial.'


Eva — my Mum, reading superhero

'Her voice can sound like 100 tiny fairies singing'


Morgan — my Mum, reading superhero

'She showed me that good books can pull you into another world and make you really feel like your beside the characters'


Nicole — my Grandpa, reading superhero

'He's a man of a million voices, the voice of the troll as he bellows beneath the bridge ... or the voice of an angel...'


Rochester — Miss Webster, reading superhero

'When she reads the classroom turned into a time-capsule taking us to the mysterious looming future or a primitive age of the past'


Sam — my Mum, reading superhero

'When she reads to me she takes me different places. Sometimes it's in a soccer stadium with a roaring crowd or inside a lightning bolt ready to strike...'


Sarah — Miss Pritchard, reading superhero

'Her red hair spouts flames of fire when she reads. Her voice echoes through a mesmerised class...'

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