Find out about developing digital literacy, digital citizenship and inquiry learning in your school. They all help students' educational success and social engagement. We offer advice and support for using digital resources, developing learning strategies, and building expertise available through your school library.


Digital literacy

Understanding digital literacy Find out what digital literacy is and why it matters. Discover the latest trends, initiatives,and developments in digital literacy and digital citizenship for schools, libraries, and teaching and learning.
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Your library's role in supporting digital literacy The collections, resources and services you offer through the school library play a valuable role in supporting your students to become digitally literate learners.
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Connections to digital citizenship ​Learn more about the skills, values, and behaviours that constitute digital citizenship to understand why it is important for students and school staff.
Plan to develop strategies to support digital literacy

Strategies for developing digital literacy ​Explore strategies you can apply the classroom to help students develop key digital literacy skills, and see how they can be supported by the school library.​

Videos Explore videos about strategies and approaches for successful school libraries, reading engagement and digital literacy in schools.