School libraries and librarians play a vital role in supporting students to become engaged readers. Explore strategies for creating reader-friendly environments and policies that ensure students have access to a range of reading material, services and support.

Enjoy a good book in a beanbag

Reader-friendly environments Learn how you can create a welcoming library environment that encourages reading for pleasure. Your library's look and feel is critical in getting students reading.
Arrange fiction by genre in the library

Arranging library fiction by genre Find out how rearranging your library fiction by genre can reinvigorate your collection, help students make new connections with reading and resources, and be a catalyst for active promotion of the library.​
A collection of bright picture books

Librarians' role in creating readers ​Explore the role of the school librarian in creating readers. Find ideas to support students with different interests and abilities, and ways to work with parents and teachers supporting students to develop as readers.
Children using the library

Reader-friendly policies User-friendly and flexible policies in your school library help attract students and foster a love of reading. Here are some things to consider when reviewing school library policies and advocating for reader-friendly ones.