Our lending service is changing 30 August

Books from National Library's school lending service on display at a workshop.

9 August 2021: Lending news update

We're changing our lending service to make it more flexible and easier for kura and schools to borrow books from us! Schools can start using the changed service from 30 August for term 4 requests.

What's changing

We are making 2 significant changes to our service:

  • whole-school lending is becoming more flexible
  • we have a new lending form that's easier to use and more dynamic.

More flexible lending process

School loan coordinators can send us topic requests as soon as they're ready and send multiple requests throughout the term. Coordinators will no longer have to batch and send all requests together unless they want to. This means teachers who request books early through their coordinator are more likely to receive them earlier.

Schools can also send us a separate request for extra books to engage readers anytime during a term's loan request period.

A new lending form

From 30 August, as soon as you log in you'll see a big difference! We've used a familiar online shopping model to inspire the new design. And it's more dynamic than our old form. For example, you'll be able to see:

  • how many books your school can still borrow
  • the number of books we've selected for your requests so far
  • the status of each request — the stage it is at in our loans processing (i.e. received, processing, completed).

Other changes

There are other changes too that we hope will make our lending service easier to use. Read about these changes in our 14 May update:

Changes to our lending to make borrowing easier

We're here to support you with the changes

This term, we're offering Zoom webinars for school staff who'd like to find out more about our lending service and the changes we're making.

We're also running follow-up workshops for school loan coordinators about putting the changes into practice. Teachers, school staff, and school librarians who want to find out more about being a loan coordinator for their school are also invited to these workshops!

Changes to National Library's school lending service — lists the webinars and loan coordinator workshops we've recently published. There are more to come, so watch this space!

If you can't attend our webinars or workshops, don't worry. Our regional network meetings will also cover the changes to our lending service. Contact your local facilitator or phone 0800 LIB LINE to find out more about these meetings.

And we've also updated our lending service web pages to help you use the changed lending process and new form.

Read more about our current lending service — updates to this section of our website will be published by 30 August.

Any questions or need more information?

Freephone: 0800 LIB LINE 0800 542 5463

Email: schoollibraryadvice@dia.govt.nz