Magazines for NZ school libraries

Magazines are popular is school libraries.

Magazines are a popular part of the collection in most school libraries. We’ve collated 2 lists of magazines — one for primary and intermediate schools, and the other for secondary — that can help you find titles for your library collection.

About the magazine lists

Our lists:

  • cover a mix of print and online publications
  • focus on titles that may not be as well-known, or easily available as many popular magazines especially in the lifestyle, leisure and sports areas
  • include a list of suppliers, together with pricing and availability information where possible — although this can change without notice.

Magazines on the secondary list that might interest some upper primary or intermediate students are marked with an asterisk (*).

Magazines for primary and intermediate school libraries (pdf, 258KB)

Magazines for secondary school libraries (pdf, 425KB)

Digital access to magazines

You can get access to the full text of many digital magazines from several sources.

  • Use your school login to search for magazines on EPIC. All EPIC database vendors provide lists of what they include, but the Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre is where you're most likely to find local magazine content.
  • Check the digital magazine subscriptions available through your local public library. and let parents and students know what's available if they join their public library.
  • EBSCO Information Services provides a list through its reference centre for Australia New Zealand.

EPIC databases (Te Kete Ipurangi) 

EPIC guide

An extensive collection of regional full-text content designed for libraries in Australia and New Zealand (EBSCO)

Ordering magazines

Check with publishers or suppliers for the latest information about pricing and availability before taking out a subscription.

Finding new titles

Talk to your regular supplier, check out some online subscription services or consult with your library colleagues on the School library email list to find out about new or popular titles.

School library email list (Schoollib 'listserv')

Sharing recommendations

We always welcome recommendations of new titles that aren't yet on the lists.

Phone: 0800 LIB LINE (0800 542 5463)