Explore strategies you can apply the classroom to help students develop key digital literacy skills, and see how they can be supported by the school library.

Find out about the process of content curation, and discover some useful digital tools that make it easy and effective.

Understand New Zealand copyright and strategies to apply it with your students, including using Creative Commons in your school.

Students are using digital content

Digital content — finding, evaluating, using and creating it Explore a range of strategies to develop digital literacy in your school.​​​ This guide includes ideas for finding, evaluating, using, and creating digital content in meaningful and responsible ways.
Content curation

Curating content Use this guide to help you select, sort and present digital content so it can be used effectively by the students and teachers in your school.​ Find out how curation helps you add value to the digital content you're sharing.
Creative Commons and Copyright word cloud

Copyright and Creative Commons Whether you use, re-use, share or create content it is subject to copyright. Librarians, teachers and students need to know how to get permission to use copyright materials and acknowledge other people's work.