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Borrowing books from the National Library is easy. This page outlines the steps a school loan coordinator needs to take to borrow books from us.

Before you start — general information

Your National Library books are requested and managed by your school loan coordinator. Schools can have up to 2 coordinators approved by your school principal.

School loan coordinator role

What you can borrow

Dates to request or return books — find out about the loan request periods for each term and when you need to return your books.

Already know what to do? Request books now

1. Register as a school loan coordinator

To do this, you need a unique registration code.

2. Decide with your school which books to borrow

Gather information about what books teachers would like to support their students' inquiry and engage them as readers. Then work out how to structure your loan requests so that you get the most out of your loan allocation.

Work with teachers to plan your requests for books — has information about the lending process, and forms you can download to help you gather information from teachers.

3. Sign in to the lending dashboard and request books

Sign in to your dashboard to request books. Your password is the one you created in step 1 above.

From the lending dashboard you can:

  • request books
  • view or edit your current unsubmitted requests
  • see how many books you've requested or received this term
  • view the status of recent requests
  • view previous loans
  • check when books are due back.

The online form will guide you through the process of adding requests to your trolley. Click Checkout when a trolley of requests is ready.

Request books using the online form — has help if you need it.

Dates to request or return books

4. Receive your loan

Receive and manage your books — has advice about how to make the National Library books easily available and keep track of them at your school.

School loan case studies — gives examples of how schools can coordinate and manage their loans.

5. Return your books to the National Library

Return your books once they're due back. Due dates are shown on the list of books we emailed you when books were dispatched and on the printouts included in each box. Dates for books from our Wellington-based collections are on the due-date slips in the back of books.

Return your books to us — explains how and where to return books, including address labels to print, and information about using our NZ Post arrangement.

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