Capability-building projects to improve student learning

Diagram of the spiral of inquiry with words — scan, focus, develop a hunch, learn, take action, check — cycling around words: '3 big-picture questions: What is going on for our learners? How do we know? Why does it matter?'

The Spiral Playbook. C21 Canada. All rights reserved.

Our capability-building projects aim to help your school, syndicate, or community of learning | Kāhui Ako improve student learning.

Project focus

The projects focus on:

  • reading achievement — including support for priority learners
  • innovative approaches to resourcing — that support teaching and learning across the curriculum
  • digital literacy — including digital citizenship and strategies to support inquiry learning.

Our capability-building projects will help you develop the expertise your staff need, using approaches and resources that best support your learners.

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How do the capability-building projects work?

The projects are a collaboration between National Library and your school or Community of Learning | Kāhui Ako. Each project is individually negotiated. We expect that they would be year-long, with negotiable starting dates.

Our capability facilitators lead the projects. We use an approach such as the spiral of inquiry (or your preferred approach) to plan, undertake, and evaluate change.

We'll meet with your leadership team and key staff to plan a tailored programme as part of your professional learning schedule. This might include:

  • delivering presentations and facilitating workshops
  • sharing curated resources, guides, and tools
  • providing personalised support (email, phone, or online)
  • offering professional learning events and online learning opportunities.

Your school library will have a role to play in these initiatives.

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