Local network meetings

School librarians and teachers connecting at a National Library Services to Schools local network meeting.

Local network meetings organised by National Library Services to Schools take place all over the country. They enable library teams, teachers and literacy leaders to meet and connect with others who have an interest in school libraries and learning.

Connect with others who do the same role

Networking with others who share similar roles or interests is an important part of professional development and learning.

Our local network meetings are arranged by a National Library facilitator and usually take place each term.

Advantages of joining our networks

Here are some of the great things that you can experience through our network meetings:

  • Build relationships — meet new people and socialise with others in the school library sector.
  • Collaborate — share challenges, issues and collectively work on solutions.
  • Exchange ideas and gain knowledge — hear about initiatives taking place in other school libraries that might bring fresh ideas to your library. Keep up-to-date with school library trends and build professional knowledge.
  • Share successes — celebrate and share your successes or improvements to your library and library services.
  • Find mentors — connect with others who can assist as a mentor or be a mentor for others.
  • Get motivated — become re-energised and inspired in the important work you do.

What happens at our meetings

We discuss a different topic each term — a small professional learning 'bite', prepared by your local National Library facilitator. We let you know the topic in an email before the meeting.

Our topics cover one of these key areas:

  • school library management and services
  • reading for pleasure
  • digital literacy
  • connecting ākonga with culture and heritage.

At our meetings, there's always time to socialise, ask questions and have some general open discussion.

Sometimes a network meeting involves a visit to a special place of interest such as a new library.

Who can attend

Everyone is welcome!

The meetings are free to attend and will be of special interest to:

  • anyone who is part of a school library team, such as school librarians, school library volunteers, library assistants, library managers, teachers with library responsibility, senior leaders with library responsibility
  • teachers with an interest in reading for pleasure, digital literacy or culture and heritage
  • library teams outside the education sector with responsibility for services to children and youth who would like to network with colleagues in schools.

Don't be shy!

The school library and learning community is a very welcoming one — supportive and generous with sharing ideas.

Come along to your next local network meeting

To find out where and when network meetings are held in your region, email schoollibraryadvice@dia.govt.nz or call 0800 542 5463.

Meetings are held in person or using Zoom.