Help with registering, changing coordinator, signing in

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Find help if you have issues accessing our online lending service or changing your loan coordinator.

Registering or changing a loan coordinator

Your school can have up to 2 loan coordinators. Each loan coordinator must register using a unique registration code. Note that codes expire after 30 days, but you can request a new one.

Use this online form: Request a new / remove an existing registration code if you need:

  • a new code — for example, you want to register as your school's loan coordinator, be added as a second coordinator, you've lost your code, or it's expired
  • to change a loan coordinator's details in our system — for example, the coordinator has left the school and you need to register the new coordinator's details
  • to remove a coordinator permanently — for example, the wrong person signed up with one of our codes.

After you’ve submitted the loan coordinator code form, we'll send you an email (copied to your principal) with a new code or confirming the change you asked for.

Register now using the code emailed to you

Problems signing in to the dashboard

I can't remember my password

Enter your email address on this page — and we'll send you instructions for resetting your password.

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