Request a loan

Request a loan

Schools and home educators can borrow from our extensive fiction, non-fiction and audiovisual resources to support students with inquiry, and to encourage and develop their love of reading.


Calendar with pencil to enter dates to order or return your school loan

Dates for ordering and returning school loans Find out when you need to order or return your whole-school loans or anytime title requests.
Four primary students browsing books on their library shelves

Who can borrow, what you can borrow Find out who can use our lending service. This guide explains the types of loans we offer, what you can borrow, when and how you can borrow, and how to get started using our lending service.
Person with a laptop reading a loan requirement form

School loan coordinators — how to use our lending service Our step-by-step guide helps school loan coordinators through the loan process. Find out how to plan and order your loan, what to do when your loan arrives, and how to return your books to us.
A teacher browses books in the library

School loan coordinator role Find out what's involved in being a school loan coordinator — who can take on this role, what they do, who they work with, and how much time it takes.
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Home-educators — how to borrow our books Home educators (families who homeschool their children) can borrow books and resources from our collections.