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New Zealand Web Archive

The New Zealand Web Archive is a collection of archived New Zealand and Pacific websites. Use the web archive to see a visual history of how websites have changed over time. The web archive is part of the Alexander Turnbull Library collections.

What's the New Zealand Web Archive?

The New Zealand Web Archive (web archive) includes websites collected since 1999 and includes websites that are no longer online. It is a selected collection of websites about New Zealand and New Zealanders. We also include selected sites relating to the Pacific. There are now over 8,500 unique website titles and over 38,500 web instances in the archive.

Websites are archived for long-term preservation and research purposes. Most of the websites in the web archive are collected at regular intervals.

Access items in the New Zealand Web Archive

Search items in the web archive using the National Library Catalogue.

Type in your search words. In the results you can use the filter on the right-hand side and search for 'Resource type','websites'. Archived websites are identified by an icon that has the word website on it.  When you find the item you want click the 'online access' tab and you will see all the versions of the website that we have harvested.

Search the National Library Catalogue

What you can see on an archived website

You can navigate the archived website by clicking on the link in the online record. You can get to most content by following menu, page and date links. Sitemaps can also be a useful way to navigate around a site if menu links do not work.

What you can't see on an archived website

Some forms of navigation do not function in archived websites. For example, search boxes generally require a search engine and this functionality cannot be captured in archived sites.

Any website content that requires you to be signed in, or registered to a particular site will generally not be archived.This is due to technical or legal reasons, or because it was located on an external site. This content can include forums, newsletters, social media and comments.

Other content like music and videos that are embedded files from external sites, for example,YouTube, Vimeo or Soundcloud, or content that needs an external media player are not archived, with the web harvest, but may be available elsewhere in the collection.

Having difficulties viewing archived content?

Archived websites require specialised viewers to access content and we are continually working to improve them. If you are experiencing difficulties viewing any content please contact us web.archive@dia.govt.nz

Strengths of the web archives collection

See our list below for the strengths of the New Zealand Web Archives collection.

Government and politics

frogblog, hopping along the corridors of power. A political blog from the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand
Image from Frogblog, hopping along the corridors of power. A political blog from the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand]Image from Frogblog, the political blog of the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand (blog no longer online under this title) Frogblog.

The government and politics collection is an archive of all central government, and crown entity websites. Also included are special event collections about the New Zealand general elections and local body elections. These events include candidate and party sites, lobby groups and political blogs. Our aim is to collect websites and blogs across the political spectrum.

See the New Zealand General Elections web archive collection.

New Zealand General Elections web archive collection


Leonie Pihama, Kaupapa Māori as transformative indigenous analysis
Leonie Pihama: Kaupapa Māori as transformative indigenous analysis Leonie Pihama

Archived websites by and for Māori are represented in all our selection areas. The focus is websites relating to Iwi/Hapū, treaty settlements, te reo Māori and te ao Māori.


Queer Asian Stories from Aotearoa
A blog where gay, lesbian, transgender, intersex and queer Asian people in New Zealand can share their stories. Queer Asian Stories from Aotearoa

Archived websites selected in the communities subject area are rich in diversity, with a focus on national and local ethnic and community groups, support groups, and Pasifika. Also archived are websites and blogs reflecting a wide range of issues relating to gender issues and sexuality.


Beastwars musicians on stage performing.
The band Beastwars website homepage from the New Zealand Web Archive. Beastwars

Music websites can be quite ephemeral by nature and this collection includes a wide range of sites, many that are no longer online. We archive music websites about New Zealand bands and musicians, labels, gig guides, forums, online magazines, festival sites and music clubs and societies.

Sport and recreation

Small pictures of sports people playing netball, squash, basketball and hockey
New Zealand Web Archive page from New Zealand Olympic, Commonwealth Games team website. Commonwealth Games

The sport and recreation collection covers a wide range of websites from traditional sports and sporting related bodies, clubs and associations. We also archive more obscure sport and recreation sites such as bathtub racing and an entire blog dedicated to Cricket Poetry!

A lot of the sites selected in the sport and recreation web archive collection relate to the regular event archiving we conduct for major sporting events, such as the Olympics, the Commonwealth Games or Rugby World Cups.

Bathtub racing catalogue record

Cricket blogs catalogue record

Arts and culture

Southland stitchers. Tags with examples of stitching.
New Zealand Web Archive image from the Southland Stitchers embroidery arts group. Southland Stitchers

The arts and culture collection is a representation of websites selected on the themes of arts, humanities and culture. Subjects covered include; art and design, graffiti and street art, performing arts and theatre, and literature, comics and publishing. The scope of the arts and culture web archive includes; artist/creator websites and blogs, criticism and review sites, forums, organisations and associations, conferences, symposiums, festivals and awards, plus museums, and galleries and performance spaces.


Generation Zero
New Zealand Web Archive image from the website of Generation Zero, a youth-led organisation founded in response to New Zealand’s climate change challenges. Generation Zero

The environment collection includes websites about climate change, conservation, sustainability and natural disasters such as the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake. It also includes special digital collections on the 2010/2011 Canterbury earthquakes and the post-Canterbury earthquakes recovery and rebuild.

See the Canterbury Earthquake and Canterbury Rebuild web archive collections.

Canterbury Earthquake web archive collection

Canterbury Rebuild web archive collection

Nominate a site

Let us know if there are New Zealand or Pacific websites you would like to suggest for the web archives.

If you’re the copyright owner of a website published in the Pacific Islands, or a New Zealander living overseas publishing a website, you are most welcome to nominate your own site. This will assist us in the permissions process, as overseas websites are not covered by New Zealand legal deposit legislation.

Nominate a site for the New Zealand Web Archive

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