Members of the digital preservation team at the National Library of New Zealand.

Digital preservation team

The National Library's Preservation Research & Consultancy team is responsible for the long-term authenticity and integrity of the National Library’s digital collections.

What we do

The Preservation Research & Consultancy team work (Matapoporetanga, Rangahau me te Mātanga) to ensure that the National Library's digital collections are preserved and accessible now and in the future. The team:

  • manages the Library’s digital preservation programme
  • supports other parts of the business to bring new material into the collections, and
  • responds to the increasing volume and complexity of the digital material.

Meet the team

Get in touch if you'd like to talk to us about our digital preservation programme.

You can reach any of us by using this email format:

  • Andrea Goethals | Programme Director (Pouārahi Hōtaka)
  • Kirsty Smith | Test and Assurance Manager (Kaiwhakahaere Whakamātau me te Whakaū)
  • Jay Gattuso | Digital Preservation Analyst (Kaitātari Matapopore Matihiko)
  • Jeremy Kemp | Digital Preservation Technical Specialist (Mātanga Hangarau Matapopore Matihiko)
  • Ben O'Brien | Digital Preservation Web Engineer (Kaipūkaha Tukutuku Matapopore Matihiko)
  • Suman Sajwan | Digital Preservation Operations Analyst (Kaitātari Whakahaere Matapopore Matihiko)
  • Frank Lee | Senior Developer (Kaiwhakawhanake Matua)
  • Hurin Hu | Developer (Kaiwhakawhanake)
  • Jeremy Liss | Developer (Kaiwhakawhanake)

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