Schools Lending Collection

The Schools Lending Collection provides resources to support the New Zealand education curriculum and the development of young New Zealanders as engaged readers and learners.

What’s in the Schools Lending Collection

The collection includes over 500,000 fiction and non-fiction books that can be borrowed by registered New Zealand primary, composite, and secondary schools, and home educators (homeschoolers).

Books are in English, Māori, and Pasifika languages and a range of languages to support migrant and refugee students.

Access items in this collection

The collection is held at the Auckland and Christchurch National Library Services to Schools Centres.

View books in the collection — National Library catalogue

Borrow items in this collection

Teachers and home educators can borrow Schools Lending Collection items through their school loan coordinator.

Other users can borrow specific Schools Lending Collection books by interloan through New Zealand or overseas libraries.

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