Susan Price collection

Susan Price gifted her private collection of children’s books to the Library in 1991. It includes Susan’s pick of the best English language children’s books published from 1930 to today.

The Susan Price Collection is owned by the Crown. It is intended for long-term preservation and permanent retention. The collection is currently housed in Susan’s home in Wellington.

Most of the books were published in Britain, the United States, Australia and New Zealand. Susan has focused her collecting on books published since World War II, for children aged between 9 and 18.

The collection reflects Susan’s passions and interests and is strong in the following areas:

  • historical fiction
  • Puffin storybooks
  • Oxford children’s library books
  • Oxford children’s paperbacks
  • Ladybird non-fiction
  • Dell Yearling books
  • Hamish Hamilton Gazelle books
  • Whitcombes story books
  • children’s non-fiction history books.

Access items in this collection

You need to make an appointment before visiting the collection at Susan’s home. Contact the Research Librarian, Children's Literature for further information.