Sir Donald McLean Papers

More than 100,000 pages from Sir Donald McLean's papers have been digitised.

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Search the Sir Donald McLean papers

Search digitised manuscripts from the Sir Donald McLean collection of personal and official letters written between 1839 and 1876.

Papers Past — Letters and diaries

About the Sir Donald McLean papers

Sir Donald McLean (1820-1877) was one of the most influential figures in 19th-century New Zealand history.

In his various roles as Chief Land Purchase Officer, Native Secretary, the Superintendent of Hawkes Bay, official in charge of military operations on the East Coast and Native Minister, McLean played a pivotal role in relations between Māori and the government.

Over 100,000 pages from McLean’s papers have been digitised, including:

  • correspondence
  • diaries
  • telegrams
  • letterbooks,
  • and maps.

Many of the letters and diaries have been transcribed and are keyword searchable.

Letters in te reo Māori

Of particular significance are over 3000 letters in te reo Māori, many of which have transcriptions and translations attached.