Waht do the games we play say about us and how can we preserve these games and our social interactions with them.

Preserving video and computer games

Computer games have been part of our social and leisure lives for more than 40 years. Over that time they have evolved in complexity and become one of the largest entertainment mediums of the 21st century. What games do we play today and what do they say about us? How can we preserve these games and our social interactions with them, and why is this important?

See Steven O’Donnell and Stephanie Bendixsen (Bajo and Hex) talk about the evolution of video games, and why games are an artform worthy of preservation:

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The Library hosted a discussion of Bajo and Hex's video led by geographer and data enthusiast Dr Chris McDowall.

Watch it now!

"Pokemon Go"

Shaun Yeo is a recent addition to the Cartoon Archive. This digital cartoon is a great example of Yeo’s colourful work, which combines a comic art style with political and social commentary. Yeo’s work has been published in a variety of New Zealand publications.

Shaun Yeo, "Pokemon Go", 17 July 2016. Ref:DCDL-0033140. Alexander Turnbull Library.

The New Zealand Cartoon Archive, part of the Alexander Turnbull Library’s Drawings, Paintings and Prints collection, has 31,000 born-digital images, collected from about 2005.

We collect cartoons as they are produced, often at the same time as they are sent to the publishers, ensuring the collection stays up-to-date and the cartoonists have an ongoing, reliable platform for their work. The collection grows by several hundred cartoons each month, reflecting New Zealand politics, culture and society as it happens.

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