Custom tools and scripts

Find out about some supporting tools and scripts we have created to help us with our digital preservation including a tool for creating short MARC records and a python script to move files.

Our supporting tools and scripts

Over the years we have built supporting tools and scripts for our digital preservation work. Below are links to some of the custom tools and scripts we use.

We provide these scripts, without restrictions or guarantees, with the hope that they might be useful for others applying similar methods.

Please note that we do not provide support for these custom tools or scripts. These tools and scripts are created for our customised environment. If you would like to use them you will need to check for the required components and dependencies before you run them.

Create short Marc records

marc-extractor — creates short MARC records by extracting Dublin Core metadata from epub files

Compare DROID/PRONOM log files

DROID_comparer — a couple of python scripts to compare DROID/PRONOM log files

Safe mover

Safe mover — a Python script to move files from A to B creating file hashes and extracting file OS metadata along the way.

All our scripts are hosted on GitHub.

NLNZ Digital Preservation on GITHub