Print Disabilities Collection

Audio books are held in the Print Disabilities Collection. The collection includes fiction and non-fiction titles for people with print disabilities.

Our audio books are mainly fiction titles for adults. We also hold adult non-fiction, young adult and children's audio books.

The adult collection covers a wide range of subjects and types, including:

  • saga
  • crime
  • humour
  • biographies
  • general fiction
  • science fiction
  • thriller
  • travel
  • western
  • poetry and plays
  • romance
  • short stories
  • historical fiction
  • fantasy.

Children and young adult titles are mostly popular fiction. The collection also has some titles which are suitable for NCEA,

The collection supplements audio books available from public and school libraries.

What is a print disability?

People with a print disability are those who cannot obtain access to information in a print format because they:

  • are blind or vision impaired
  • have physical disabilities which limit their ability to hold or manipulate information in a printed form
  • have perceptual or other disabilities which limit their ability to follow a line of print or which affect their concentration, or
  • cannot comprehend information in a print format due to insufficient literacy or language skills.

For example, adults and children with the following may be eligible to use the Print Disability Service:

  • Arthritis
  • Dyslexia
  • Hospitalisation
  • Learning difficulties
  • Medication causing blurred vision or lack of concentration
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Paralysis
  • Side effects of treatment
  • Stroke

Access items in this collection

You can access the collection through public libraries, school libraries, and teachers with special needs responsibilities, registered for the Print Disabilities Service.

Search the catalogue for audio books by limiting your search to “Print Disabilities Collection”, or by using the “Library” search filter on the results page.

Download Print Disabilities Fact Sheet for libraries (pdf, 120KB)

Download Print Disabilities Fact Sheet for schools (pdf, 105KB)

Access to digital resources

The Blind Foundation has extended access to its digital collection to include people with other print disabilities, not just those who are blind. The collection has a strong focus on New Zealand material and has titles suitable for adults and children. Access is free via BookLink.

Find out more on the Blind Foundation website