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Our digital preservation projects

Read about some of the projects that the Preservation Research and Consultancy team, at the National Library, are working on.

Bulk Ingest Pipeline

The amount of digital material in the Library’s collections continues to increase. This means that we need to ingest larger amounts of digital material into the NDHA for preservation. To help with this we are working on a Bulk Ingest Pipeline project.

The Bulk Ingest Pipeline project aims to redesign the process and scale up the technical infrastructure needed to process and import digital material into the NDHA. Some of the design goals of the project include automating and centralising common functions where possible, rather than maintaining multiple tools with overlapping features, or overusing manual processes.

Web Curator Tool Development

The Library is collaborating with the National Library of the Netherlands to enhance the Web Curator Tool (WCT). The WCT is used in the Web Archiving programmes of both institutions.

In December 2018, the Web Curator Tool 2.0 was released. The project team (from NLNZ and KBNL) is now working on version 3.0 with the aim to ensure that WCT can keep up-to-date with the Web and social mediacrawling techniques. The team is also working to help other organisations using WCT to upgrade to the latest version (WCT 2.x).

National Library of the Netherlands
Web Curator tool
Web Curator tool V. 3.0 in Development