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Facebook Archive Project

Is your Facebook account an archive of you? Participate in the Facebook Archive project by donating your account archive to the Alexander Turnbull Library so it can be preserved and available for future researchers.

We’re inviting New Zealanders to donate their Facebook archives to the Alexander Turnbull Library. This will continue the work that has always been part of our mission — collecting items that have a relationship to Aotearoa New Zealand or the Pacific.

Your Facebook account will be part of a collection future researchers will use. It will help them see:

  • what we chose to save
  • how we used social media platforms like Facebook, and
  • to better understand the rich context of early 21st century digital life and culture.

In return for your donation, we can offer you a trusted digital repository that is committed to preserving these digital archives into the future.

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How to donate your Facebook archive

So you want to donate your Facebook archive? Great news. Here's the process.

Need help?

Confused? Contact us atl-digital-donations@dia.govt.nz