Step 2 — Download your Facebook archive

Find out what you will download and how to download your Facebook archive.

Downloading your Facebook archive

Downloading your Facebook archive might take some time depending on how big your Facebook archive is and the amount of images or video content you have. So you may have to be patient.

There are several steps you will need to go through to download your Facebook archive. These steps are in place to prevent someone else from stealing your archive.

Only the page administrator or account owners can download a Facebook archive.

Instructions for downloading your Facebook archive

Here are Facebook's instructions on how to access and download your Facebook archive.

Accessing and downloading your Facebook information — Facebook help centre

What's included when you download your Facebook archive?

When you download your Facebook archive you will get:

  • your profile information, for example, your contact information, interests, groups
  • wall posts and content that you and your friends have posted to your timeline
  • photos and videos that you have uploaded to your timeline
  • your friends list
  • notes you have created
  • places you have checked in to
  • events you have RSVP’d
  • your sent and received messages
  • any comments that you and your friends have made on your timeline posts, photos, and other profile content

Decide what you want to donate to the Library

Once you review the digital contents of your Facebook archive you may decide that you only want to donate some of that content. That is absolutely fine. We can accept donations of individual folders or the entire .zip archive file.

We recommend you:

  • have a look through the folders and files to get a sense of what’s stored in a Facebook archive
  • decide what content you might want to save as a copy for your own records
  • decide what content you may want to donate to the Library and under which access restrictions. It’s a good idea when considering this to take into account that your Facebook archive is likely to include content created by your friends, for example, comments on your profile or messages you might have received.

Please include the index.htm file

Your Facebook archive will download as a .zip file. Once you open that you will mostly likely see an index.htm file and a number of folders. We do request that if there is an index.htm file that you please include that with your donation.

Respecting your privacy — access and use by researchers

We understand that these archives are very likely to have personal and private information, information that many prospective donors may be wary of making available to the public anytime soon. To account for this, we have three access and use options for this project. In none of these options would your Facebook archives be available online without restriction.

We hope we’ve struck a balance between protecting donors’ privacy, and supporting researcher needs now, one hundred years from now, and beyond with these three options.

We want to ensure that we continue to offer donors a trusted and safe repository for their archives. We also want to honour our donors’ intention that by placing their archives with the Library, it is their desire to make these materials available to researchers now or in the future.

It has been this generosity of spirit and forbearance that allowed the Alexander Turnbull Library to first exist, and then to continue to thrive.

Access and use options

The three access and use options are:

  • available to researchers but restricted to onsite only access in the secure reading room, or
  • restricted and unavailable for researchers for twenty-five years; after that the content would be available for researchers onsite and only in the secure reading room, or
  • restricted and unavailable to researchers for one hundred years.

What happens if the Library doesn’t accept your donation

Library staff will review all donated content before accepting it into the Library’s collections. If for any reason we decide not to keep your content we will be in touch with you. We will either send you back the files, or delete the files on your behalf.

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