New Zealand Digital Object Identifiers

A Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is a persistent identifier for a document, file, web page, dataset, or other digital object. Find out about the New Zealand DOI Consortium and the New Zealand DOI Interest Group.

Members of the consortium

Members of the New Zealand Digital Object Identifiers Consortium (DOINZ) can assign DOIs using DataCite’s DOI registration service and tools.

Members also have access to a forum to share information on Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) tools, guidelines, practices and initiatives.

The current DOINZ members are:

  • GNS Science, Te Pū Ao
  • Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR)
  • Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research
  • University of Auckland
  • University of Canterbury

What are DOINZ members responsible for?

Members are responsible for:

  • minting (creating) and management of their institution’s DOIs
  • their institution’s policies on DOIs and communicating with their institution’s scholars about DOIs
  • participating in the DOINZ Interest Group
  • payment of the annual invoices for DataCite fees.

Become a DOINZ Member

DOINZ membership is open to any New Zealand organisation as long as the following criteria are met.

  • Provide and maintain at least the mandatory DataCite metadata elements for each item with a DOI.
  • Make metadata openly available without restriction.
  • Maintain a publicly accessible landing page for each item with a DOI.
  • Ensure the DOI is updated as the landing page moves.

For more information about becoming a DOINZ member institution, email us at

Join the NZDOI Interest Group

The New Zealand Digital Object Identifiers (NZDOI) Interest Group is a forum for sharing information about the use of DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers).

Join us if you are interested in using, promoting and learning about DOIs in New Zealand.

For more information about the NZDOI Interest Group visit NZDOI Interest Group