Turnbull Library Pictures

Turnbull Library Pictures holds photographic copies of original images from the Alexander Turnbull Library collections. It includes copies of photographs, paintings, drawings and prints, cartoons, maps, posters, and illustrations.

The Turnbull Library Pictures collection contains about 200,000 photographic copies of images from the Alexander Turnbull Library collections. It includes pictures of New Zealand and the Pacific from earliest European contact to the present.

Topics covered include:

  • exploration
  • towns and cities
  • portraits
  • shipping and other forms of transport
  • rural life
  • important events
  • New Zealanders at war.

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Access to items in the Turnbull Library Pictures

Most of the copies of images available in this collection are available at the Library's Wellington Reading Room.

Digitised images are also available, and can be ordered from their record pages on this site. Use the Gallery view when searching to see available images.

Get copies from items in this collection

Copies of most items in Turnbull Library Pictures can be ordered. Place orders at the research desk, or we can send you an order pack.

You can get copies from items in this collection, provided copying doesn’t breach copyright.

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