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Index New Zealand (INNZ)

Find out about Index New Zealand (INNZ) a free service for finding information in New Zealand journals, magazines, and newspapers.

What is Index New Zealand?

Index New Zealand is a searchable online database of records containing abstracts (summaries) and subject headings (names and subject keywords) for articles from New Zealand periodicals (journals and magazines) and newspapers.

Most of the titles in Index New Zealand (INNZ) are from the 1980s to the present day, although we do have titles from the early 20th century onwards.

The periodicals range from academic (including peer reviewed) research journals to trade magazines to general magazines.

The newspapers range from the metropolitan dailies to the regional papers.

Around 1500 new records are added monthly from 413 current and selected retrospective titles.

Download the list of titles included in INNZ

List of titles included in INNZ (xlsx, 195KB) — Last updated 12 March 2021.

Index New Zealand history

The online database took over from the print-based Index to New Zealand Periodicals in 1986. The Index to New Zealand Periodicals in 1986 is available in the General Reading Room, Alexander Turnbull Library, National Library, Wellington.

In May 2013, INNZ celebrated 25 years since its inception as an electronic database. The celebration was also the catalyst to gather information and reminiscences from past and present indexers, and others associated with INNZ, to produce the historical resource Index New Zealand : a celebration, 1940-2014

Who is Index New Zealand for?

The Index New Zealand database is for anyone looking for historical or current articles from newspapers, journals and magazines about Aotearoa New Zealand, the South Pacific, and Antarctica.

Why use Index New Zealand?

Over 950,000 records from more than 1380 New Zealand periodicals and newspapers allow people to find substantial articles containing quality information about Aotearoa New Zealand, the South Pacific, and Antarctica including:

  • social
  • historical
  • political
  • scientific, and
  • economic issues.

Subjects covered include:

  • general and special interest material
  • social research
  • the environment
  • science
  • agriculture
  • current affairs
  • the arts, and
  • the humanities.

Also included are:

  • New Zealand book reviews
  • poems
  • short stories, and
  • biographical articles.

Abstracts in both te reo Māori and English are provided for articles written in Māori. We use the Ngā Upoko Tukutuku/Māori Subject Headings and the Iwi Hapū Names List for articles about Māori and those written in te reo Māori making them easier to find.

Ngā Upoko Tukutuku | Māori Subject Headings
Iwi Hapū Names List

Access items in this collection

There a couple of ways to search INNZ. You can use the:

  • search box at the top of this page
  • National Library website search
  • National Library catalogue

Searching on the National Library website


  • use the search box at the top of this page it is already set to limit the search to Index New Zealand, or
  • use the main National Library website search and select the ‘Index New Zealand’ filter from the ‘Filter by Collection’ list.

On the website you can filter your keyword search by:

  • type, for example, journal or newspaper
  • availability — physical or online item
  • date
  • usage options
  • creator
  • subject

Once you have selected a record from your website search you can click the ‘See original record’ button to go through to the National Library catalogue.

National Library search

Searching on the National Library catalogue

On the National Library catalogue select ‘Index New Zealand’ from the drop-down menu.

 National Library catalogue search box.
Screenshot of National Library catalogue search bar highlighting the drop-down for INNZ search.

On the National Library catalogue you can search by:

  • title
  • author
  • subject
  • keyword.

You can filter by:

  • online items
  • peer-reviewed journals
  • resource type, for example, journals, newspaper, or research article
  • publication date
  • journal title
  • genre/form
  • subject
  • creator/contributor
  • language.

Where possible a link to a full text version of the article is provided, to find this either:

  • use the ‘online’ filter, or
  • look out for the ‘Online access’ note on each INNZ record on the National Library catalogue.

Where there is no online access you may be able to find the journal or newspaper that published the article at your local library or the National Library.

Access to INNZ for schools

If you are a school student or teachers, you can request articles from the National Library — see our Index New Zealand Guide for Schools.

When you use any of the resources included in Index New Zealand, be aware of their copyright requirements and usage restrictions.

It's important that you acknowledge or attribute resources that you use in your work.

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