Register for Music Hire Service

The Music Hire Service is unable to process any new requests received from 28 September to 1 October. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Music already booked for 28 September to 1 October period will be sent.

Register as a Music Hire Service client so that you can hire music from the largest collection of musical performance material in New Zealand. You can also use this form to update contact details and add your organisation's collection to some databases.

When to use this form

Use this form to:

  • register with the National Library as a new hire client
  • update your organisation’s contact details
  • request to have your organisation's collection appear on Te Puna Search (WorldCat) and your organisation's details to appear in the Directory of New Zealand Libraries.

New clients need to provide two contact names

If you are registering as a new client, please note that two contacts are required to be able to hire sets from the National Library.