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Membership to Te Puna makes it easier for your library to describe, share and promote your collections. Get in touch to find out more.

Join Te Puna

Te Puna Services makes it easier for New Zealand libraries to:

  • Describe their collections, through access to high quality catalogue records.
  • Share resources with other NZ and international libraries using an interloan platform and automated billing system.
  • Discover and promote collections through a shared catalogue of NZ and international libraries on WorldCat.

Te Puna members pay an annual membership fee. The membership varies depending on library type.

Contact us for more information about joining Te Puna —

Tools and services available to Te Puna members

You have unlimited use to the following tools and services with your annual Te Puna membership

Describe your collections

  • Create and edit individual WorldCat records.
  • Search, browse and apply Māori subject headings.
  • Add and delete your library holdings on WorldCat.
  • Download MARC records for use in your local catalogue.
  • Sync your library holdings to WorldCat in bulk.
  • Download MARC records for larger collections.
  • Get automatic updates to enhance your print and electronic catalogue records.
  • The New Zealand National Bibliography (NZNB) is a list of publications from or about New Zealand.
  • Titles lists with MARC records published monthly.
  • A monthly list of freely accesible, full-text items added to the National Digital Heritage Archive (NDHA).
  • MARC records available to link to any or all of them from your local catalogue.

Build, showcase, and preserve your digital collections

  • Easily build and showcase your digital collections on a personalized website,
  • CONTENTdm secures and monitors your master files in a cloud-based preservation archive.
  • The Quickstart subscription, included for all Te Puna members, allows for up to 3,000 digital items.

Create, monitor and respond to interloan requests

  • Manage your interloan workflows efficiently with the WorldShare ILL platform
  • Save time and money processing interloans with a centralised billing system
  • Self-paced guides
  • Te Puna helpdesk
  • Instructor-led courses
  • The Directory of New Zealand Libraries provides interloan contacts and other information about every library in New Zealand.
  • Te Puna members can send in an online request to update their library details.

Discover and promote your collections

  • Discover and access nation-wide holdings with links back into your catalogue.
  • Search international collections and source hard-to-find publications for your customers.

Global visibility for collections

Make your own collections visible with:

  • WorldCat
  • Te Puna on WorldCat, and
  • Google Scholar.
  • Discover books, periodicals, films, music and other material published in New Zealand, or with a significant New Zealand content.
  • Add the records to your local catalogue and/or use it to help inform your collection development.

Feature image at top of page: Detail from ‘Crowd scene’ c.1927 by Crown Studios Ltd. Ref: 1/2-203484-F. Alexander Turnbull Library.