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EPIC for New Zealand schools

EPIC gives your school access to thousands of electronic resources. Magazines, newspapers, biographies, reference works, images, ebooks, and multi-media at your fingertips. Resources cover all curriculum learning areas from primary to secondary level.

EPIC for New Zealand schools

EPIC (Electronic Purchasing In Collaboration) is a consortium of New Zealand library and information organisations that have purchased collective access to a wide range of quality electronic resources to make available to New Zealanders through libraries and schools.

EPIC resources available to schools thanks to Ministry of Education funding

The Ministry of Education is a member of EPIC and subscribes to a range of EPIC resources to make them freely available to all New Zealand schools.

The Ministry decides what resources are included in the subscription on behalf of all New Zealand schools.

As a member of the EPIC consortium the Ministry of Education makes an annual decision about whether they will continue subscribing to resources through EPIC.

The Ministry of Education have funded access to the current resource subscriptions through EPIC on behalf of all New Zealand schools through to 30 June 2022.
EPIC resources for schools
EPIC for libraries

Why use EPIC resources in my schools?

EPIC provides access to thousands of quality curriculum related resources for students and staff to use at school and home. It expands your school library's collections and teaching resources. Many of the resources are updated daily. You can find information covering all curriculum areas.
EPIC resources for schools

Benefits of EPIC for students

  • Content is professionally curated and often peer-reviewed.
  • You can access quick fact-finding information and more in-depth coverage of topics.
  • Content is made accessible in a number of ways, including being read aloud.
  • There is 24/7 access to these quality resources.

EPIC and educators

EPIC is a great resource for educators, including school leaders. EPIC enhances the school’s online learning environment with access to quality up-to-date digital content. With EPIC educators can:

  • access sample lesson plans and training resources, including interactive resources, videos, tip sheets, and scavenger hunt activities
  • retrieve research articles on the education sector, modern learning environments (including school libraries) and learning and teaching programmes
  • integrate seamlessly with Google Classroom and Google Drive
  • find online study guides and interactive lessons for finding, evaluating and reusing resources responsibly and safely.