Two men fixing a mechanical sled.

Te Puna Support

Contact us for help with Te Puna services. Our experienced cataloguing and interloan librarians are responsible for delivering and supporting Te Puna Services on a daily basis and available to help you.

Te Puna support services

Contact Te Puna Support by emailing or by contacting a Te Puna Specialist:

Jason Murphy | ph 04 474 3128 |

Vanessa McDonald | ph 04 474 3091 |

Two women and one man standing in front of a sign that reads National Library of New Zealand Te Puna Mātauranga o Aotearoa.
L to R: The Te Puna team at the National Library, Jenny McDonald, Jason Murphy and Vanessa McDonald.

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Feature image at top of page: Detail from photo of Bernard C Day and W Lashly fixing up one of the motor vehicles, Antarctica, 1911, photo by Herbert Ponting. Ref: PA1-f-067-087-6. Alexander Turnbull Library.