Te Puna Support

Experienced cataloguing and interloan librarians based in the National Library are responsible for delivering and supporting Te Puna Services on a daily basis.

Te Puna support services

Contact Te Puna Support by emailing tepuna@dia.govt.nz or by contacting a Te Puna Specialist:

Kaye Foran | ph 04 474 3128 | kaye.foran@dia.govt.nz

Vanessa McDonald | ph 04 474 3091 | vanessa.mcdonald@dia.govt.nz

Te Puna training tutorials

Use our step by step instructions for working with Te Puna products.

WorldShare Record Manager — logging into WMS (pdf, 320KB)

WorldShare Record Manager — add and delete holdings (pdf, 850KB)

WorldShare Record Manager — export catalogue records to ILS (pdf, 3620KB)

WorldShare Record Manager — search (pdf, 940KB)

Te Puna search (pdf, 1.30MB)

Te Puna email discussion lists

Te Puna Services runs two discussion lists (or list-servs) one for general activities, and one specifically for interloan. All members have access to these lists.

Use the links below to subscribe or unsubscribe.


For users and interested people to discuss Te Puna.

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A discussion list for users of Te Puna Interloan.

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Customer satisfaction and statistical reporting

We regularly survey our customers to find out what's going well, and what needs to change.

Download the 2017 Te Puna Customer Satisfaction Survey results (pdf, 1MB)

Download the visual summary of the 2017 Te Puna Customer Satisfaction Survey results (pdf, 1.20MB)