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What APNK offers

Aotearoa People’s Network Kaharoa (APNK) offers computer hardware and high-speed internet for New Zealand public libraries so that all New Zealanders can be connected online.

APNK key features

Key features of the APNK service are set out below.


  • A high-speed internet connection (fibre, where available).
  • A managed network, with content filtering. The filter is updated every 2 hours.
  • One Wi-Fi Access Point (WAP) provided per library service location.
  • Capacity for the public to connect BYO devices to Wi-Fi.
  • APNK supports 24/7 Wi-Fi access; libraries can also choose from a list of options for reduced Wi-Fi operating hours.


  • Modern computer hardware using the Chrome operating system. Hardware is provided on a lease arrangement with a guaranteed technology refresh every 3 years.
  • Insurance cover for Chromebooks in case of accidental damage or theft.
  • Keyed security locks for desktop ChromeStations.
  • Ability for customers to attach headphones, webcams, and external drives to computers.
  • A4 printer with black-and-white and colour printing options.
  • A4 scanner option.

Systems and support

  • Web-app system to manage customer printing. This includes options to preview the print job and receive payment in advance of print release.
  • Computer booking queue system, for managing high demand.
  • Sign-in to computer sessions via either library membership number (for Kōtui libraries) or guest pass.
  • Accessibility options, for example, large-size text or text to speech.
  • Administration support provided by The National Library, including accounts processing, contract renewals, travel arrangements, and meeting minutes.
  • A constantly expanding catalogue of support documentation and resources available online.
  • 7-day service desk support from the specialist APNK team, via an 0800 number, email and an online service portal.

APNK Wi-Fi only option

A Wi-Fi only option is also available, which provides a managed and filtered internet and Wi-Fi infrastructure only. This option includes the features listed in the Internet heading above, as well as service desk support.